As one of its activities in the realm of fashion, Shiseido presents the Newcomer’s Prize and Shiseido Sponsorship Award at MAINICHI FASHION GRAND PRIX, which was held for the 35th time this year. This year’s winner is Mr. Yuima Nakazato, designer of the YUIMA NAKAZATO brand. Shiseido has already supported Mr. Nakazato for his haute couture collections in Paris as well as Tokyo collection. In this second issue of Cross Talk, Mr. Nakazato and Shiseido hair & makeup artist Joji Taniguchi talk about what actually happens on the runway in the fashion capital, Paris, and exchange their views on the future prospects of the sense of beauty.

– Have you two worked together for long?

Taniguchi: It’s been about a year and a half, I guess. I joined his haute couture collection in Paris twice, supporting the hair and makeup. Before that, I also supported his Tokyo collection.

– You seem to be very much in tune with each other.

Nakazato: Yes, I truly appreciate his support. For an haute couture collection, we spend hours discussing and creating images of hair and makeup here at the office of YUIMA NAKAZATO brand, although the time allowed for preparation is limited. That said, at the end of the day, we cannot tell what will actually happen on the runway, it will never be the same. So it is very important to have good communication on site. In this sense, Mr. Taniguchi is always ready to quickly respond, coming up with an idea and realizing it whatever situations we face, which is a great help.
– Speaking of the fashion and design of Mr. Nakazato, what kinds of elements do you relate to?

Taniguchi: The clothes Mr. Nakazato creates are very constructive. They present beauty. I think that is well in sync with the sense of beauty we have at Shiseido. The material looks so beautiful due to the multiple parts, and putting them together is also a beautiful process.

Nakazato: Thank you very much. I try to present beauty that visitors at a collection can share, enjoying a “new and gorgeous” fashion. That is what I pursue.

– Mr. Taniguchi, how do you approach and engage in the collections of Mr. Nakazato as a hair & makeup artist?

Taniguchi: Mr. Nakazato always takes on the challenge of applying a new technology. He seems as if he is attacking Paris (laughs). He updates his work every time and that results in the show itself changing dramatically, creating a totally different atmosphere, among other elements. So I find it very exciting and challenging when I work with him and I enjoy thinking about how I should react to his creativity and innovative ideas.
– Finally, in our collaborative ad, we featured a Japanese actor, Masataka Kubota. What are your views on how men will change their sense of beauty, going forward?

Nakazato: I want to see more freedom in their choices. When men become able to fully express themselves, free from preconceived notions, stereotypes and taboos, such diversity will bear unlimited possibilities, I believe.

Taniguchi: I do agree with you. I think it is important to respect various values, not being trapped in one fixed sense of beauty.

In their collaboration, they splendidly express the relationship between fashion and beauty while respecting and inspiring each other based on the common values of beauty. They never seem tired of talking, fully enjoying the exchange of ideas over the collection pieces of Mr. Nakazato on the table, even though the interview is already over…