Shiseido Offers Support for Key Visual of AmazonFWT S/S18

The Key Visual of Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2018 S/S has been announced. While Shiseido supports the Fashion Week, running from Monday, October 16, 2017 to Sunday, October 22, 2017, Shiseido’s top hair & makeup artist, Tadashi Harada has provided support on the hair and makeup of the Key Visual.

We asked Tadashi Harada about the Key Visual of this collection.

Q: How did you create the hairstyle to express the image of this season’s Key Visual?

Based on the key words such as futuristic, Neo-Tokyo and neon lights, etc., I was aiming to create a clean style with minimum essentials, focusing on the texture of both the hair and makeup.

For female: Speaking of the hairstyle, I created a graphical image with sleek straight hair, the center part and the bob style, and as for makeup, I created a glossy look by adding luster to the skin.

For male: I created the image adding luster with lip gloss.

Q: How did you communicate with the wardrobe stylist and art director and carry out the styling and coordination?

As I’d learned that this season the show conveys a story of a man and a woman, a scene in a movie poster or movie trailer, and depicts the near future, I tried to put emphasis on the characters of the Key Visual, aiming not to make them look too stylish. Plus, I also adjusted every detail onsite while checking the costume and working out the lighting and positioning at photo shooting, etc.
<Cosmetics applied on the Key Visual>

Female model: Ayumi Turnbull
Foundation: PLAYLIST Skin Enhancing Liquid Foundation
Eyebrow: PLAYLIST Fine Stroke Eyebrow BR-G1
Eye shadow: SHISEIDO Shimmering Cream Eye Color BR731
Mascara: SHISEIDO Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Waterproof BK901
Eye liner: BENEFIQUE Smart Eye liner BK99
Blush: PLAYLIST Skin Enhancing Face Color BRl02
Lipstick: PLAYLIST Instant (Lip) Complete Glossy RDm02
Gloss: PLAYLIST Skin Texture Veil Moisturizing

Male model (ENDo)
Concealer: SHISEIDO
Lip: SHISEIDO MEN Lip Treatment
Gloss: PLAYLIST Skin Texture Veil Moisturizing