【Autumn/Winter 2017-2018】Shearling, fluffy and warm

This season, shearling graced the runways of many brands. Shearling is a sheepskin pelt carefully sheared for a uniform depth and feel, a natural fleece material that is extremely soft and comfortable. Shearling is used not only for jacket lining or lapels, but also the shell of a coat, accessories and shoes, offering plenty of varieties in coordination. This popularity is probably because of its fluffy warm look and texture, reflecting people’s desire to be surrounded and protected by something soft and gentle.
MSGM (left)
Dyed in striking sky blue, shearling creates a sporty look with black and white lines on the sleeves.

Proenza Schouler (right)
Trendy contrast between fluffy shearling and futuristic shining silver.
Marc Jacobs (left)
Shearling is a type of leather. Images can be totally different depending on whether the fluffy side is used for the outer shell or lining.

Coach 1941 (right)
A shearling hat, a buzz item of this season, successfully delivers an image of fleecy touch.

Yoshiko Go, Shiseido Fashion Director
Joined Shiseido in 2012 and since then, she’s been in charge of fashion trends research and fashion trends forecasting. Through analysis of the latest fashion trends inside/outside Japan, she accurately grasps the current of the times and gives a clear explanation on the market trends, trend colors, and consumer life styles, etc.