【Autumn/Winter 2017-2018】Nice and plain British plaid

In the last few seasons, many designers repeatedly featured flamboyant designs, applying colorful patterns and elaborate details. This season’s trends swing back to plain, sober patterns. In particular, the traditional pattern of British plaid is going to be a must-have this coming autumn and winter. I must say that plaids and checked patterns, such as houndstooth, glen check and tattersall check, are classic but can be a bit dowdy, however, these are definitely coming in trends this season. The new collections are fearlessly playing with unique details and silhouettes, transforming such plain patterns into a stylish look. And if you wish to give a new life to the items from your wardrobe, play with accessories or add a vivid color as an accent.
Stella McCartney (left)
Take a closer look at this plain check coat dress. It has double lapels, a unique design indeed. This edgy, stylish dress is a good representation of this season’s trends.

Michael Kors Collection (right)
This dog’s tooth check suit looks simple and safe at first sight, but stands out thanks to its bold front slit. Causally placing a chunky knit scarf to add an accent.
Mulberry (left)
Impactful layering of plaid in different shades and contrasting patterns.

Toga (right)
Exquisite contrast of muted plaid with an accent of splashes of beads on the chest and a dramatic cutout on the waist.
Gucci (left)
Mix-and-match coordination of a vintage-like jacket and a long skirt with large floral print.

Each + Other (right)
A success in combining primary colors of blue, green and orange thanks to the sober check pattern.

Yoshiko Go, Shiseido Fashion Director
Joined Shiseido in 2012 and since then, she’s been in charge of fashion trends research and fashion trends forecasting. Through analysis of the latest fashion trends inside/outside Japan, she accurately grasps the current of the times and gives a clear explanation on the market trends, trend colors, and consumer life styles, etc.