【Autumn/Winter 2017-2018】Brown as the basic color

Is your wardrobe color palette designed around stylish black or natural brown? You may always end up with the same, favorite color matching with your character or the tone of your skin, no matter the season. But if you want to follow this season’s trends, then go for brown and you will never fail. Various shades of brown, namely milk beige, camel and dun, deliver a warm soft image, reminding one of various skin colors. If you are always wearing black, try brown for a change and enjoy a touch of softness.
Marc Jacobs (left)
Marc Jacobs during NY Fashion Week successfully conveyed his message of “going for brown this season”. The show was inspired by the hip-hop culture.

Marc Jacobs (right)
Start with a bag, shoes or a hat in brown and transform your everyday style into this season’s runway fashion.
Prada (left)
Matching with gray, red or orange, brown styling creates a soft, nostalgic image.

Acne Studios (right)
Graceful styling with a combination of slightly different shades of brown.

Yoshiko Go, Shiseido Fashion Director
Joined Shiseido in 2012 and since then, she’s been in charge of fashion trends research and fashion trends forecasting. Through analysis of the latest fashion trends inside/outside Japan, she accurately grasps the current of the times and gives a clear explanation on the market trends, trend colors, and consumer life styles, etc.