【Autumn/Winter 2017-2018】Wrapped in red

If you ask which color is coming in trends this autumn and winter, I would say red, that’s for sure. Cherry red and tomato red, which are vivid even under the gloomy weather, and russet and burgundy, which add the warmth of the land. Moreover, red is to be featured as the main color this season, instead of just an accent color, and that means the whole outfit, from top to bottom, is all in red, resulting in a powerful and dramatic style. In order not to look too quirky with monotone styling, mix various fabrics, like see-through and glossy ones, or coordinate light and dark shades of red for a balance.
Jil Sander (left)
Red all over, this style quite stands out in a city. Once you wear it, you’ll simply acknowledge the power of red and enjoy sharing such power with people around you!

Victoria Beckham (right)
Subdued burgundy sweater coordinated with a bright red sheer skirt to add lightness.
Max Mara (left)
Cheerful tomato red transformed into an elegant, sophisticated style with deep red for the bottoms.

Fendi (right)
A fashion-savvy surely has a few red accessories, let’s say a red bag or red shoes. In this season, she is welcome to have all those reds in one go.

Yoshiko Go, Shiseido Fashion Director
Joined Shiseido in 2012 and since then, she’s been in charge of fashion trends research and fashion trends forecasting. Through analysis of the latest fashion trends inside/outside Japan, she accurately grasps the current of the times and gives a clear explanation on the market trends, trend colors, and consumer life styles, etc.