Shiseido Artists Talk about NY Fashion Week F/W17-18

Team “Shiseido” offered backstage support on the hair and makeup during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017-2018. Hair & Makeup Artists who supported the backstage share the concept of the hair and makeup of each collection.
Theatre Products

<Makeup: Reiko Ito>
Under the theme of “Travel”, the collection was shown in a space with red doors. The makeup presented a “dressed up & relaxed” look with a sheer matte finish and matte red lips as an accent. The eyes were made in brown with a light touch of cream eye color and had a glow added with lip treatment. The lips were filled in bold matte red, with shapes slightly bigger than the actual lip lines and the lines blurred with a cotton bud to create a relaxed mood.

<Hair: Tadashi Harada>
A wavy style created by blow-drying upward at the front.
Blow dry from the root with fingers and create loose waves with a hair iron.
Make French braids on the left side and pin with a hair accessory behind the ear.

Commented by Teruaki Shinjo
Josie Natori

<Makeup: Miki Ishida>
The makeup was designed with a theme “Natural Look & Illumination”. The key point of makeup was pieces of gold leaf applied around the eyes at random. The foundation was applied to cover the skin concerns thoroughly with a sheer finish. The eyebrows were trimmed and filled in for perfect shapes. Mascara was applied on both the upper and lower eyelashes, and pieces of gold leaf in various sizes were placed along the inner line of the eyehole and the edge of the upper eyelid. Blush of rose pink was applied along the cheekbone and some skin gloss added for finish. The lips’ red color was subdued first, then layered with a beige lipstick.

<Hair: Yuka Ishizuka>
A tight and clean chignon at the nape.
Blow dry to straighten the hair and make a deep side part on the left, then gather it at the nape, leaving some hair at sides. Use a hair net and make a simple and neat chignon at the nape.

Commented by Miki Ishida and Yuka Ishizuka
Ground Zero

<Makeup: Miyako Okamoto>
The collection was presented with disco music of the 80s. The makeup was based on the image of Chinese opera, drawing color eyebrows at higher levels. The foundation was applied only slightly to cover the skin concerns and give a natural finish. The eyebrows were hidden with an eyebrow cover wax or concealer and horizontal lines reminiscent of handwriting style were drawn above the eyebrows, in different colors for each model. The lips were only moisturized with lip balm and finished to a natural look, creating an impression as if almost nothing had been done apart from the eyebrows.

<Hair: Yuka Ishizuka>
A hairstyle inspired by a child actress with a long nape who appears in Chinese opera.
Part the hair at the center and use gel to firm the hair, then put on a wig. Use bobby pins to hold the half wig with short choppy bangs. Create a rounded shape with a hair iron and finish with straightening iron, leaving some hair at the sides and around the nape.

Commented by Miki Ishida and Yuka Ishizuka
Song Jung Wan

<Makeup: Miyako Okamoto>
A powerful collection inspired by the 80s fashion. The makeup conveyed a tribal mood with winged eyeliners in two colors; purple and turquoise. Thick purple lines ran from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes, and turquoise lines traced the inner corner and flipped sharply and boldly at the edge of the outer corner. The matte skin was contoured with shade color and delivered a fun-loving yet sophisticated image. By relaxing the red color of the lips with matte beige, the eyes stand out.

Commented by Reiko Ito