“Strong Women” Through the Eyes of 3.1 Phillip Lim

New York Fashion Week 2017-2018 F/W closed last week. This time, many brands featured “strong” women which could be partly because we’ve been experiencing uncertainty stemming from the last presidential election. So let’s take a look at the collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim, who is highly acclaimed for his presentation of real wardrobe fused with the latest fashion trends, to reveal the new image of “strong” women.

Feminine but not sweet = Lim’s style of new romantics

A hot pink coat, which was the first to grace the runway, best expressed the image of strong women Lim had for this season. Over-sized, masculine silhouette nicely balanced the sweetness of pink color. Lim’s new romantic style was stated through natural feminine looks that were bright and soft with color effects yet conveyed an image of smartness and fortitude.

DIY details to create a unique image

Customizing your outfit in your favorite style according to your mood means that you put your thought into your clothing. In this collection, such DIY spirit was cleverly expressed with various details. Lim proposed a skirt with jagged asymmetric hem and a dress with drapes pinched by a metal buckle. But of course, they looked absolutely refined.

Inspired by modern art

The runway had pink transparent acrylic boards set at the center and looked as if screened off by light while the pink color synchronized with the pink walls and pink carpet. This setting was inspired by the art of James Turrell who is well known for his use of light. T-shirts and accessories with the round shapes of Turrell’s kind were designed to wear the strong spirit of modern art.

Innate beauty without emphasis

Bold eyebrows and red rouge are typical makeup features of a strong woman, trying to make the look somehow impactful. This time, however, the makeups were to elicit individualities of each woman, not to elaborate the strengths. The sheer smoothness of moisturized skin was the key element.

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