Shiseido Artists Reflect on Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 A/W

Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 A/W closed on March 25th. This time, 38 hair & makeup artists from Shiseido Beauty Creation Center and 11 graduates of SABFA* worked together to provide hair and makeup support for the collections of 20 brands.

*SABFA: Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion. Operated by Shiseido to nurture professional hair and makeup artists.
Comment from Shiseido top hair & makeup artist, Hirofumi Kera
(Supported MOTOHIRO TANJI and TAAKK, etc.)

“It could be the influence of Paris Fashion Week of the last few seasons, but there were many brands that featured models with distinct individualities (instead of those who had typical model-like appearance), and they would request hairstyles and makeups that showcased the individualities of the models.
“Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2017 A/W successfully expressed the uniqueness of Tokyo with a vast variety of fashion coordination that seemed to show respect for each model.

“For the collection of MOTOHIRO TANJI who presented street style through coordinating its signature item of a knit top with denims and sneakers, I created looks reminiscent of effortless messy just-out-of-bed hairstyles. And for makeups, I stuck with natural finishes that looked almost bare-faced and also played with the lips in red blurring the lines on some models for accents.

“The presentation of TAAKK on the last day of the week came almost as a guerrilla fashion show. The models strode along the corridor between A and B Halls at the main venue, Shibuya Hikarie with strong impacts of hip-hop and grunge fashions of the 80s-90s, bringing in the air of Tokyo streets.
“I designed various hairstyles to express each model’s individuality, including afro, all-back, braids, and loose down-dos. And as for makeups, I also emphasized the vigor of models with boyish looks by applying the vivid red on their lips.”
Comment from Shiseido top hair & makeup artist, Setsuko Suzuki

“Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2017 A/W was very exciting as Shiseido team had many more opportunities to work with new and original brands.
“Since we supported many fashion houses this time, there were days when we had to travel between several venues. But I felt that we as Shiseido team performed superbly with a strong sense of unity and cohesion. Team members were all supportive and flexibly handled various unexpected incidents, including cases when makeup artists occasionally helped with hairstyling. Shiseido team could deliver full performance and I believe that proves Shiseido has a clear edge.

“The collection theme of HIROKO KOSHINO for this season was “Decadence – Soft Rebellion”. I designed eye makeups with the image of women in Miro’s paintings in mind. Ms. Koshino is always in pursuit of an avant-garde style, conveying the air of today. So this time, I focused on creating looks that were unique and unprecedented, and impactful with a light touch. I also applied a simple color palette of monotone colors to balance the colorful fashion outfits.”
Video clips featuring the backstage and collection show of Indonesian brands BATEEQ and RANI HATTA are available on Shiseido official Facebook and Twitter pages from March 22nd.
Enjoy the fashion show backstage here.